Workshop to identify high-priority issues, objectives, actions, and goals

March 29

On march 29th, a total of 112 participants from the different sectors of the society of municipalities of Tijuana and Tecate, as well as San Diego, CA, organized into 9 breakout groups where they developed a set of objectives and goals, concluding with a series of actions aimed at resolving the needs of the Tijuana River Watershed. The result of this process was the High-priority issues matrix which identifies the issues, objectives, goals, and consensual actions.

Survey of technical data sheets

April - June

Between the months of April and June, the information of the dependencies, institutions and organizations, academia, private initiative and communities was compiled on all the projects that are being implemented and the ones that could be brought up to contribute to integrated and environmental management of the Tijuana River Watershed. Information on the nature of each project, the total and annualized cost, institutional contributions, impacts, applicable programs, participating institutions, observations and people in charge were captured on these data sheets. The information from the data sheets that corresponds to the specific projects will be included in the matrix to make up a master table that will contain all the information generated from the watershed. In total, 669 project data sheets have been collected. This process will conclude on July 28.

Data sheet prioritization workshop

August 29

On August 29, the workshop to prioritize data sheets was carried out, which consisted of carrying out, in 6 workgroups, a collective evaluation of how the high-priority issues established in the matrix were addressed by the specific projects proposed by participants. Each table was made up of participants in all three levels of government, members of the civil society organizations and academics. In total, there were 776 projects in the matrix, which were submitted to a prioritization process, based on the information found in the project data sheets.

Fichas totales generadas en los levantamientos776
Fichas aceptadas380
Fichas aceptadas/modificadas129
Fichas rechazadas 1 y 2107
Fichas que pasaron de prioridad 1 y 2 a prioridad 315
Fichas resultantes prioridad 1 y 2509
Fichas prioridad 3160
Total de fichas consensuadas en el taller (nuevas, modificadas y rechazadas)631

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